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The Owners

Following the purchase of Warrenmang by the Du Family at the end of 2017 and then being closed for 8 months for much needed renovations, Warrenmang Winery and Resort is well and truly now open for business with a refreshed and revitalised look.

The Du family successfully owns a machinery manufacturing company and a Real Estate and Investment Company in Beijing and other cities in China. Besides these areas, they have always been passionate about wine and with strong investment experience they finally chose Warrenmang Winery and Resort as their new and exciting investment in Australia. Their aim is to turn Warrenmang into the only destination for weddings, events and conferences in the Pyrenees. Also not forgetting the marketing of the amazing wines produced.

New Warrenmang is now operated and lead by a strong team, each of which has extensive knowledge in their areas of expertise including Winemaking, Marketing and Events.

The Du family are extremely dedicated to carrying on the work of the Bazzani family and also giving Warrenmang the injection of life it really deserves.

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